Lamp in decorated glass – DIY

How to create a lamp in a shoebox?
November 22, 2017
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Lamp in decorated glass – DIY

Inspired by the colors and scents of Provence, this lamp brings home a breath of romance and all the magic of lavender.

Here are the materials and tools needed to carry out this project:
– Glass vase-lamp (with flat surface)
– Paper napkin with lavender flowers
– Thermoformed film for transparent suspended
– Acrylic color
– Glitter
– Brush, Scissors, Bulins, Spatolina, Toothpick
– Heat source (lighter or candle)
– Mat for weakening

Glues and paints
– Pattex Hobby Spray
– Pattex Hobby Multiuso
– Pritt Vinil
– Pattex Hobby Hot glue gun

Preparation of the lamp
Cover the lamp with the first of the napkins (the printed one) gluing it with Pattex Hobby Spray sprayed directly onto the glass.

Preparation of flowers
Paint the thermoformable film with a white acrylic color to bring out the colors.

Cut out the lavender flowers from the first veil (the printed one) of the napkin.

Dilute the glue with water with the help of a brush, pass it on the cut flower using it to glue it to the film; cut with precision when dry.

The heat of a candle
Gradually heat with the flame of a candle all areas, one at a time, flowers and leaves, just a few seconds at a safe distance (there is a straight and a reverse, just rotate the flowers on the flame, it is recommended to warm up the not glossy side.

Model the back of the flowers and the leaves with a burin from the back, resting on the appropriate mat. Make the edges first and then the inside.

Refine the work
To assemble the pieces, use hot glue points to help you with a toothpick to place the drop of glue without staining the jar.

Tilt the object, place a few drops of Pattex Hobby Multiuso as you like and apply it over the glitter with a spatula. Our Provencal lamp is ready to warm up the room with a touch of romance.

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